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[Translated Fiction] Legend of Porasitus

Writer: Kẻ lãng du (a.k.a. Halcyon/Miên Miên/Headoles)
Original Language: Vietnamese
Translated to English by Diệm Tử Linh (a.k.a. Quỳnh Thư)

The translator's note should be updated in no time, as soon as I find myself some free time :)

The translation might be updated like one chapter a month. I don't have much free time, as well as the writer.  I apologize for any inconvinience. Also, this story has 2 editions. I'm translating the new one.

Please leave some comments to support both the translator and the writer.

P/s: I'll try to translate everything which the writer said, so that you have a better concept of this story. My words shall be presented in green, and the writer's words shall be in grey.

That's it. Enjoy the story.


by Kẻ lãng du (a.k.a. Halcyon/Miên Miên/Headoles)

Genres: Fantasy/Drama/Romance/War…
Warning:1/ Though you might find some SA throughout the story, there’s not enough to be considered about.
2/ No “Pure justice” exists here.
Note: Should anyone prefer to repost Legend of Porasitus, do inform me, state out the credit (author’s name, homepage: and after reposting, send me the link.

In case you do not repost LoP as a whole piece, but partially to quote in your post, signature, v.v… credit must be stated out (quoted from Legend of Porasitus – by Thảo Dương/kẻ lãng du –

Using LoP without considering what I, the author, clearly stated, shall be considered plagiarism.


According to the ancient myth, there exists a silk string attached to every human being ever since birth, which is managed by three goddesses. They are Clotho, the weaver who weaves the silk string so life could be; Lachesis who draws the length of each life and other events, which some might consider “destiny”; and Atropos, the strict judge, who holds in her hands the powerful scissor that cuts strings in destined times.

Life is a circle, live to die, die then be, as endless as the universe’s repeating its routine. Human beings forever dreams of eternity. But there’s been a quote:

“Life is the game of chess. I hope death should come soon, still yearn for its never coming. My hope shall discover the winner of this great game of life.  My yearning fears for all those ambition never being achieved. Yet I know, given time enough, this game I might win.”

Meaningless lives, meaningless deaths. The narrated world in this sorrowful yet glorious history book isn’t meant for those.

Live, to be remembered. Live, to pride on being timeless heroes till death arrives.

Heroes can live either by blood or kindness. Yet most importantly, heroes are those daring to live on faith.

Legend of Porasitus… the final bible upon those who sacrificed, rose up in hazy winter’s blue sky, is the story narrated in an olden book about a bloody and teary tale, the hymn of war and endless love.

A star that shines upon three fates.

And that olden tale has become a living legend, written in blood of those who passed away and regretful tears of those who survived… to suffer.

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